The Voice-Over Whisperer

Tracy Pattin at the Voice Registry has a podcast featuring an interview with voice-over coach extraordinaire Marice Tobias. Marice specializes in taking her students beyond technique and word manipulation.

True Story: About ten years ago I was doing a phone session with Marice and was reading a piece of New Mexico state tourism copy.  She stopped me mid-sentence and asked what had happened to me in New Mexico.

“I love New Mexico,” I said.  I met my wife there, started a radio career, graduated college, have a dear friend there and go back to visit often.

“What else happened?” Marice asked.

Oh, that part of it. The part where I was uprooted from California at age 15 and sent to military school in New Mexico.  I didn’t know a soul. The marching and yelling, homesickness, and the physical hazing part of New Mexico. (My Dad had attended there and thought I should too.)

So 20 years later I’m reading New Mexico copy and Marice senses that there is something wrong in my spirit, something getting in the way, that I don’t even recognize is there.  She’s hearing and feeling it in my read. That’s what makes her the “Voice Whisperer” and a very unique coach and person.  If you ever have a chance to study with her, do it.

2 thoughts on “The Voice-Over Whisperer

  1. Marice Tobias


    Thank you so much for the lovely recommendation and tribute.

    When I am in the throws of a “VW” moment, I am in a different zone.
    When I come out, I will rarely remember details.

    If anyone had ever asked me what it was that I did to make that session and our work together memorable, I would not have been able to tell them..until now.

    Thank you for reminding me of what I did and do!

    Hope all is going well.

    Take care,

  2. Bill Post author

    Hi Marice,

    The things I’ve learned from you continue to serve me well. I also loved the very last thing you said on Tracy Pattin’s podcast about POV. That was something you had urged me to magnify and when I hear Jeff Bridges the advice resonates.

    John McCalmont tells me you may be coming to Dallas this year and if so I will be there with bells on. But no tie.

    Best Always,

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