The Sennheiser 416 Microphone

It seems odd that a microphone made for film and video location recording would find its way into the voice-over booth but it has.  The Sennheiser 416 is popular on the West Coast but not so much in New York.  One studio in the Dallas area uses it a lot and it is there where I work on one of my biggest accounts.

Engineers like it because of the way it enables voices to “cut through the mix.” It also works well in less than perfect recording environments because of its ability to reject side and rear noise sources. Many actors like the Sennheiser 416 due to a “presence” boost that it seems to have.

However, this microphone also has its detractors. Corey Burton is a long time Hollywood voice actor who absolutely hates this piece of gear and has a rant against it on his website.

I ordered one last week and it should be here any day now. I’ll let you know how it works out in my humble studio.

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