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Narrating for Neiman Marcus

Here is a short documentary I narrated for director Margo Weathers on behalf of Neiman Marcus. We recorded at Maximedia in Dallas.

Representing the fashion world,  Margo was very nicely dressed at the session, workaday chic, as you see in a couple of shots of her in the film.

Representing the voice-over world,  I was dressed more like a hobo.

Phat Albert – Documentary about Photographer Albert Watson from Chris Rupert on Vimeo.

The 15 minute full length documentary of Master Photographer, Albert Watson shooting the legendary Neiman Marcus Fall 2010 ‘Art of Fashion’ campaign. The piece is the first ever presentation of Watson on set – with exclusive interviews and insight to all that goes into creating this iconic campaign.

15 Min Version with in-depth interviews of Albert Watson.

Directed by: Margo Weathers
Filmed & Edited by: Chris Rupert
Production by: Stacy Volgwell

See end credits for complete list.