Recording Voice Over on the Road

Dan O’Day emails today with a link to download a free audio seminar from Harlan Hogan and Jeff Fisher covering recording at home and while on the road.  You’ll have to cough up an email address and your name, but the info is free and hey, it’s Harlan.

My traveling voice-over rig is pretty simple. A collapsible canvas cube lined with studio foam into which is placed a desktop mic stand.  A Sennheiser 416 goes in the cube and is connected to a MicPort Pro USB interface connected to a tricked up MacBook. Software includes Pro Tools, Amadeus Pro, and Source Connect with the free Source Elements desktop host.

No muss, no fuss. It all fits in a carry-on luggage type case. The hard part is remembering to bring the iLock dongle. That’s a funny word isn’t it? And fun to say. Dongle

3 thoughts on “Recording Voice Over on the Road

  1. John

    Got the same rig, but I just bring a mbox mini as the connection! I’ve all but ditched the cube though, just using the back seat of the rental, parked away from any noise. Does get a little hot though 🙂


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