New Music Director for Musicam?

Musicam Prima LT ISDN codec

Musicam Prima LT ISDN codec

I’ve got a Musicam Prima LT for my ISDN sessions. Sure, it’s entry level but it talks to most of the other boxes out there. (“hardware codecs” for the inner geek.)

A cool feature is that you can compel the purple box to connect with the mother ship in New Jersey to make sure your long distance service is working and test various dial-up protocols the remote studio may need for a session. Quick and painless hook-up equals happy clients.

It use to be that once the ISDN connection with Musicam was complete, some sort of “smooth jazz” would spill out of my studio monitors. To me, that genre made sense, what with a greater dynamic range and low passages in the music that would tell of quiet lines.

But lately I’ve been getting Country, Hip Hop, Hispanic, you name it. It’s loud, compressed, energetic but not useful.

Dear Musicam. When I dial up the test lines I want to hear and judge the quality of the audio coming through the ISDN network, not listen to Kiss-FM. Thank you.

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