Luck and The Voice Actor

I’m reading James A. Michener’s autobiography The World Is My Home.  In it he offers tips to would be writers and speaks of how simple luck played a huge role in his success.  Just change a few of the skills mentioned and you’ve got great advice for the voice over performer:

The only generalization I can offer is that in an irrational world if a prudent course has been followed, you make yourself eligible to capitalize on luck if it happens to strike. If you have not made yourself eligible, you may never be aware that luck is at hand.  By this I mean: learn typing, master math, learn to draft a convincing letter, broaden the mind, and do not evade challenges.  Making oneself eligible to seize the breaks if and when they come is the only sensible strategy I know. Be prepared to make full use of any stroke of luck, and even if it never comes, the preparation in itself will be a worthy effort.

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