Great Weekend with the Voice Over Whisperer

The Marice Tobias commercial and narration workshop in Dallas wrapped up yesterday.  What a wonderful seminar. I learned some great techniques for self direction which is so important these days in that we work so much from our own spaces. Had fun with fellow voice actors. And it’s always amazing to watch a director like Marice pull reads out of actors that they didn’t know they had.

Also, thanks to audio engineer J.D. of Janimation for letting us kids play in his room.

2 thoughts on “Great Weekend with the Voice Over Whisperer

  1. John

    I was a rockin weekend! And great to be in a workshop with you Bill! I am still thinking about all the things i learned not only as a participant, but also listening to Marice work with great talent as yourself!

    BTW for the public record! You need anything, FREE ISDN studio just up the lake from you!

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