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Check Out the New VoiceOver Insider

So after a few months hiatus, veteran voice actress Julie Williams has re-launched her venerable newsletter “VoiceOver Insider” in the form of an on-line news magazine.

In it’s former life, you would sign up for her mailing list, and it would be emailed to you in the PDF format once a month. Lots of work, and things could become dated pretty fast.

This new format allows Julie and her editor Gary McFadden to keep the content fresh and since it is built on the WordPress platform, you can comment on some of the articles.

There’s a little something for everyone, whether you are a newbie, or like some of us who started in the reel-to reel days.You know who you are.

There is the “Newbies Corner” with articles written by seasoned pros and a “technical” category for us gadget geeks. There’s a good discussion of how to get studio condenser mic audio into your iPad for auditioning on the go.

Other categories include the all important VO Training and VO Business, but nothing about Feeding Monkeys.

So hats off to Julie and Gary and their guest authors. Well done. I think you too should check it out. Or go read it.

Marc Cashman Voice-Over Workshop Coming to Dallas

Photo of Marc Cashman

Marc is an L.A. based voice talent, director, writer and commercial producer. He is coming to Dallas to conduct a workshop the weekend of February 12-13 at CakeMix Recording.

Marc works on both sides of the glass both as a talent and as a producer and has done so for many years. I’m looking forward to what he has to teach us from that point of view.

Oh, and we are going to get a report card at the end of the class.  I wonder whom I’ll  have to show it to and get it signed.  My agents? Does this mean I’ll actually have to pay attention? Crap.

Kidding aside, here’s an email he sent yesterday with details of the class:

There are still a few seats left
in my two intensive 1-day V-O workshops for
Beginners/Intermediates and Advanced/Working pros!
Limit: just ten people for each workshop.
Here’s the info:

“The ‘Cashman Cache’ Commercial V-O Workshop”
Saturday, February 12th, 2011, 10A-6P
at Cakemix Recording

Just four seats left!

Just getting started?
My direction and instruction will kick-start your V-O experience,
laying the strong foundation that every voice actor needs.
If you’re an Intermediate student and have a few V-O courses under your belt,
I’ll help you on your way to achieving solid competence in voice acting,
giving you the tools to diminish or eliminate your weaknesses and maximize your strengths!
With my proven, practical techniques, you’ll learn to:

*Find your signature voice
*Sound conversational
*Size up a script in 60 seconds or less

All with exercises designed to prepare you for the real world of voice-over.
And of course, time will be set aside at the end for Q&A.
You’ll also get the famous “Cashman Cache” V-O Report Card, an X-ray of your abilities,
where you’ll be graded on a 1-10 scale in eight critical V-O categories.

Advanced/Working Pro Master Class:
“Are You As Good As Your Demo?”
Sunday, Feb. 13th, 2011, 10A-6P
at Cakemix Recording

Just three seats left!

Got a bunch of classes under your belt?
Got a V-O demo or ready to make one?
Auditioning and/or working part-time or full-time?
I’ll help you hone your talent and give you the tools and confidence you need
to catapult your performances to the next level and book more V-O jobs!
And if you have a demo, the question will be answered in this humbling workshop:
Are you as good as your demo?
This workshop will be highly individualized, cover multiple genres,
will concentrate on the acting part of voice acting, and will reveal:

* The tricks for great self-direction
*How to submit stand out, winning auditions
*How to discern your target audience instantly
and much, much more.

Plus, the famous “Cashman Cache” V-O Report Card is included.
What do you think your GPA will be?
And there’ll be no wasted time rehearsing in this workshop.
I’ll be sending you your scripts (and tons of materials) ahead of time, before class starts,
so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.
If you want to experience a fun, challenging, rigorous V-O workshop,
this is the one to mark your calendar in 2011.

But don’t take my word for it.
Read the testimonials in the attachment!
Dozens of my students are currently working full-time in voiceover,

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks included!
Just $350.
No VISA, AMEX or Paypal or cash–sorry.
Checks, money orders or postal orders fine.
Call or email me to reserve your seat before it’s gone!
And contact me with any questions anytime.
I look forward to seeing you in Dallas!

P.S. If you know of anyone in or near Dallas who’d be interested,
please forward this email!

Marc Cashman

A Voiceover Retreat for Men in Las Vegas

We received an email from Stacy Stahl this morning announcing (pun intended) a voice over men only retreat in Las Vegas taught by Marice Tobias. It is set for September 25-26th.  Testosterone levels will be off the charts.

Marice is one of the finest voice over coaches in the business today. She has helped my work tremendously.  Find details  here about the retreat and what to expect.

In this case, what goes on in Las Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas. Take it home in your head and in your heart.

How Do Voice Actors Use the InterWeb Tubes?

Peter O’Connell emails to point out an article John Florian has penned on Voice Over Xtra regarding the results of a survey on how voice actors make use of the Internet. The big reveal will occur during a panel discussion at VOICE 2010, a conference taking place June 2-5 in Los Angeles.

I’m guessing the discussion will primarily be about marketing. Everyday use of the Internet by the voice actor as a conduit for receiving scripts, delivering session files whether email or FTP, and auditioning should be a routine part of your day and hold no mystery unless you are a beginner with a capital “B.”

Peter will also be a part of the panel and you can read his post regarding the survey here.

A Voice Over Class to Consider

From yesterday’s email:

We did it once in 2009 and now once again in 2010 — an exciting new voiceover teleseminar series with Harlan Hogan:

STARTING YOUR VOICEOVER BUSINESS: Everything You Need To Know To Turn Your Dream Or Your Sideline Into A Business.

All the details are here:

(If you’re already making a fortune doing fulltime voiceovers, please feel free to pass this along to a deserving friend.)


Harlan & Dan

Info Session for North Texas Actors

If you are an aspiring voice, stage or on-camera actor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area there is an informational meeting coming up next Monday that you should consider taking. SAG’s Sheila Cooper emails with the details:


Have  you ever asked what is SAG, AEA, AFTRA or IATSE?  Have you ever thought what does the union do for me?  Have you ever wondered if you should join a union?  Do you have questions that can’t seem to be answered?  If you said yes to any of these questions then you need to attend the UNION PANEL ROUND TABLE event!



5601 Sears  Street
Dallas, Texas 75206

WHO CAN ATTEND:  Open to the public.

$5 off to any S.T.A.G.E. Member or current union member.
Equity Membership Candidates get in free. (Please be prepared to provide proof of your EMC status.)

There  will also be snack food, door prizes, and a cash bar and discounted S.T.A.G.E. memberships at $30 (regularly $80/year)!

RSVP to or call 214-630-7722.

Voice Actors Set Goals for Twenty-Ten

Prolific blogger and nice guy Bob Sour has a link on his blog that sends you to Voice Over Xtra where a gaggle of voice actors have listed their resolutions for next year.

The goals expressed are a good reminder of what we all should be doing to further our careers, and for me a list of my many deficiencies.  I consider it a good V/O day when I don’t walk in front of an on-coming bus.

Luck and The Voice Actor

I’m reading James A. Michener’s autobiography The World Is My Home.  In it he offers tips to would be writers and speaks of how simple luck played a huge role in his success.  Just change a few of the skills mentioned and you’ve got great advice for the voice over performer:

The only generalization I can offer is that in an irrational world if a prudent course has been followed, you make yourself eligible to capitalize on luck if it happens to strike. If you have not made yourself eligible, you may never be aware that luck is at hand.  By this I mean: learn typing, master math, learn to draft a convincing letter, broaden the mind, and do not evade challenges.  Making oneself eligible to seize the breaks if and when they come is the only sensible strategy I know. Be prepared to make full use of any stroke of luck, and even if it never comes, the preparation in itself will be a worthy effort.

The Marice Tobias Fall Workshop Schedule

Stacey Stahl emailed yesterday the dates and cities of the remaining Marice Tobias workshops for voice over pros this year.  See them here.

Marice has a magical way of spotting things that are getting in the way of your most authentic performance as a voice actor. I highly recommend her workshops.