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Voiceovers for the local TV station

There are many genres of work for the voice actor. One of them is voicing promos for TV at the local station level. The “Here’s what’s coming up tonight on CBS 11″ kind of thing.

What sort of voice actor does well at this? Producer Robert Dwyer has a few thoughts:

“You want to be voice-over talent? Well, here’s some advice from a guy who hires VO people and what makes them valuable to a 19th market TV station.“

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The Voice Actor and ISDN

ISDN may seem like old technology but it just flat works real well for the voice actor and those who employ him. ISDN lines and hardware/software codecs allow for  CD quality voice transmission in real time between studios around the globe. Think of it as a microphone with a really really long cord.

Voice actor and TV news guy Dave Courvoisier has written a good article about ISDN here without getting all technical on you. Nice job, Dave.