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Man Licks Crumbs Off Another Man’s Finger

Love them or hate them it was another swirling circus for Super Bowl TV ads this year. And,  “Yeah, I really liked that ad but don’t ask me what it was for.”

I always find it interesting which ads are remembered and liked by folks versus which spots viewers  actually recall what product or service was being touted.  They are not necessarily the same. We all capture information differently.

Ad Age magazine has it’s annual Nielson report on likability vs. brand recall for this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads here.

Marketing Your Voice Over Business

Jay Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing,  emails with some good points the voice actor should always be mindful of:

Marketing is the art of getting people to change their minds – or maintain their mindset if they’re inclined to do business with you already. They either must switch brands or purchase a type of product or service that has never existed before.   That’s asking a lot of them.   Every little thing you do and show and say – not just your advertising or your website – is going to affect people’s perceptions of you.

In other words, in addition to your performance, how you behave and what you say at a session says a lot about you. And remember, you are the product and the brand of your business.

JC Penney Doghouse Part Deux

JC Penney is a locally based company that at one time ran a first class production facility where I had the pleasure of voicing non-broadcast projects for them. In fact it was one training piece I worked on for them where I learned just how long I could read before my voice started giving out.

Anyway, they are back with another installment of the Doghouse.  Guys, pay attention.
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