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At least once a year the missus and I like to load up the motor car and drive to Ruidoso, New Mexico where we met and sparked. The drive from Dallas to the Land of Enchantment is long and stooopid dull with points of interest being giant electricity  making windmills and a statue of a white buffalo in Snyder, Texas.

One year we armed ourselves with some audio books to help pass the time.  One was Larry McMurtry’s tome on Crazy Horse.  Love Larry McMurtry.  Lonesome Dove, Last Picture Show, Terms of Endearment and all that.  Man can write.

But as we were listening to Crazy Horse I was also  struck by how good the narrator is. In this almost quiet, unassuming way he is taking Larry’s words and painting pictures in my brain.  Who is this guy?

It’s  Scott Brick.

Tracy Pattin at Voice Registry has podcasts posted where she interviews Mr. Brick. If your voice over ambitions include audio books check out these clips.

2 thoughts on “Audio Book Master Reader Dude

  1. Scott Brick

    Wow, Bill, I remember that book. Very well, in fact: it was the very first book I ever narrated. (I’d done two short stories previously, but this was the first full, unabridged book I ever got to tackle.) You’re right, McMurtry truly can write, and it was a pleasure to be able to read his words out loud. Thanks for the mention, and for sparking all those memories!


    Scott Brick

  2. Bill Post author

    Scott, thank you for your willingness to share with the voice over community.
    Best regards,

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